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We help companies increase productivity and profits by creating a clean well organized workplace.  

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People enjoy working in a clean environment.

In addition to lifting the spirits of employees by reducing stress of a chaotic work environment, maintaining a clean workplace: cuts down on sick days, keeps injuries at bay and increases productivity.

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We Specialize In

We solve our customers problems by customizing a cleaning plan to fit their specific needs

Warehouse & Distribution

We customize a plan to move every pallet that touches the ground on a monthly schedule. We pull each pallet out and sweep, pick up debris, mop and then put the pallets back into place. We stay audit ready with our Pallet Cleaning Process (PCP), which allows the warehouse to operate at high levels of production, safety and efficiency.

Janitorial & Housekeeping

Having a dependable vendor handling your janitorial service can remove a hefty burden from you and your staff. We employ a professional team that has the dependability and expertise to deliver exceptional results each and every day.

Sanitation &
Electrostatic Cleaning 

We are experienced in creating clean, healthy and safe workplaces.We want to ensure everyone who enters your facility is protected from bacteria and pathogens which spread easily from one person to the next. We use the latest cleaning technology to reduce the risk of illness at your facility.

Put An End To Staffing Shortages

Our sister company EDS specializes in staffing for warehouses, distribution and ecommerce fulfillment centers. Our staffing engineers work one on one to provide each organization a customized solution.
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Why Choose ECS

We are small enough to care but large enough to make a difference.
Our " Do whatever it takes" to solve the unique challenges of our customers sets us apart from others in the industry.
Peace of Mind
The ECS team is given the tools to take ownerships of their role and make on the spot decisions so customers can focus on their business.
While structure is important, we realize that ,in today's fast paced environment, the flexibility to get the job done is often more important.

Our guarantee is not perfection, but when there is an issue it will be met with an immediate, detailed, focused response.

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What Our Clients Say

ECS stands out because they integrate themselves into the organizations they serve. They are integral to solving the needs of their customers in creative and cost effective ways. They do not sacrifice service or quality under any circumstance.

Pete Gurt, President

Milton Hershey School
We believe  our proprietry training system creates a sense of ownership that makes our work shine.
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